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Full-size, single and double, gas convection ovens with super efficient 60,000 BTUH/HR per oven, two-speed, high-low fan with unique 900 RPM low speed setting and 4-second cycle hot surface ignition system.




Model P44S features two independently controlled Cooking chambers with two ceramic hearth baking Decks per chamber, and are designed for fresh dough Pizza par baked crust, pretzels flat breads and bakery Products baked directly on the hearth deck, on screens Or on baking sheets. Each chamber has an independent Thermostat and a 15 minute electric timer with continuous Ring alarm and manual shut-off is standard.  All models Feature stainless exteriors. Ovens are stack-able.

Y600 & Y 602


The II Forno Classico is available in three sizes to meet your space and production requirements and may be stacked on our standard deck ovens for increased production in limited Spaces- FC-516 on our D-125 or DS-805, FC- 616 on our Y-600, And FC-816 on our Y-800. The FC-616 and FC-816 now feature A new 32” extra-wide opening for ease of access to the Bake/cooking chamber. The stainless II Forno is designed To be used as is and need not be bricked in. 38” (956mm) Legs with casters provided. 120v or 240v electrical connection All Gas types available.





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