KGL-60 LP 60-Gallon Stationary Kettle W/ Electronic Ignition, 2/3 Steam Jacket, LP. 109-KGL60LP

2/3 Steam Jacketed "SPLASH PROOF SERIES", 40, 60, 80 or 100 GALLONS (150, 225, 300 or 337 LITERS)
  • Power Burner : High efficiency Power Burner Heating System(62% to 65% efficiency)
  • Heat-Up and Recovery : Fast Heat-up and Recovery Time, 140M BTU's on 40 gallon mod
  • Heat Exchanger : Insulated

Cleveland OGS 6.10 NG Combi-Ovens / Steamers 109-OGS610NG

Half-Size Combi Oven-Steamer w/ 6-Pan Capacity, Boilerless, NG

6 Pans, Half Size - Combi Oven Steamer - Gas Boilerless Steam
Cleveland Model: OGS-6.10 Combination Convection Oven / Steamer with simple to operate electronic programmable controls for Hot Air, Convection Steam, and Combination cooking modes, "Cook & Hold" and "Delta T" slow-cooking capabilities, "Advanced Closed System" with "Crisp & Tasty" de-moisturizing feature. Multiple cooking stage programs, stored recipe library, multipoint core temperature probe, "Press & Go", one-step recipe start buttons, "Smart Key" for selecting option settings, auto-reversing fan. Quiet, high efficiency power burner heating system; boilerless. "Disappearing Door", capacity for seven  capacity for six (6) 12" x 20" x 2 1/2" pans. Includes three (3) 12" x 20" wire shelves.



Steamchef Convection Steamer 22CET3A

  • Three function controls: timed cooking, continuous steaming and holding.
  • Uses 12" x 20" x 2 1/2" pans, not included.
  • SureCook compartment controls improve cooking speed and accuracy.
  • Includes 60 minute timer.
  • 9 KW heating elements in aluminum blocks for fast, efficient heat transfer.
  • KleanShieldTM compartment design.
  • Automatic water level controls and drain control with 1/2" ball valve.
  • 14 Gauge stainless steel door and latch.
  • 4" Adjustable legs.


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